If you are looking for a site that will give you every useful detail about cooking, you have come to a right place. Let me just introduce myself. I am Karine, borned in Paris, traveled the world. I will help you understand cooking as I myself am passionate about it. So indulge!

My Story

It is safe to say that my life is really inclined towards cooking. I am a daughter to a famous Michelin restaurant owner in Paris. The kitchen, cooking, michelin guide, chefs, food : that has always been part of my life.

I am born in a family of foodies and my two brothers are also into cooking. All this started when I was a little girl and I do remember vividly my father taking me to this big farmer’s market called les" halles de rungis", where all professionals go to buy fresh produce.  In this market, every product is fresh and there are departments for specific produce like fish, meat, vegetables and cheese among many others.

Being picky with the ingredients is now in my bones. This is where and when, everything starts you get  excited and the recipes build up in your head when you go shopping, and I have learned this with my father, best memories and experience.

Cooking has opened doors for me to understand people more. I have realized that people have different tastes when it comes to cooking. I even have travelled places, learned different languages and mingled with people in my search for new things I can make use of. Luckily, I have not only found what I have been looking for, I also had found the key of deciphering the depths of cooking aside from the superficial and obvious ones.

I have learned that cooking goes beyond the idea of satisfying the taste buds. Cooking means an added responsibility because food directly affects the body’s processes. I have found out that nutrition is way too important too.

This idea has geared me all the days of my life and even when I worked in finance, this passion has never changed. But then, when I stopped my work to focus on my family, that is when my yearning has intensified. It seems like my body is looking for a way to share my experiences with people.

I started out having private caterings. Then soon, I will conduct my very private event, in a wonderful venue "feel like home" share a very french dinner or a sunday roast " a la Francaise "

From time to time, you can see updates in this site about everything that relates to cooking from my great travels, my "table d'hote" opening dates and my discoveries about food.

But I am not the only one to share. I am encouraging my viewers to also share their own experiences as this will be a good venue for such. Literally, we cannot share food in here so let us communicate instead with the use of our common love for food.